Digital Success Story: How Majlis Bandaraya Seberang Perai is Revolutionising Customer Service

6 January 2022

The Majlis Bandaraya Seberang Perai (MBSP), which is the largest local authority in Malaysia, has made a great stride forward in its journey to revolutionise its customer service through digital transformation.

Despite limited resources and facing the challenge of covering a large geographic area, the mainland half of Penang, comprising 738 square kilometers with a population of 1,145,200 people, MBSP has set out to successfully slash turnaround times in managing citizens’ voice complaints and complaint collections. Incidentally, COVID-19 related lockdowns further exacerbated pressure on state councils tasked with the problem of effective customer engagement engaging, especially with utilisation of digital channels which had become critical in the 'new normal'.

Strategically, MBSP also needed to maintain the momentum of synchronising with the enhanced customer-centric goal adopted by the council's other departments and functions. The first step of MBSP's journey towards serving the customer faster and better started in 2019 when the “Digital State 2030” was launched.

Consequently, MBSP collaborated with TM One Business Services to benefit from business process outsourcing (BPO) services, which helped to establish a contact centre equipped with world-class solutions to build and improve customer service excellence. As a one-stop centre, MBSP Customer Experience Contact Centre (CX Premier) serves individuals and businesses by providing different services, including business, commercial and individual support, to facilitate the ease of doing business in Seberang Perai. CX Premier also serves as a vital link between citizens and community groups or organisations that work with municipalities at MBSP.

A milestone in MBSP's transformational journey. CX Premier delivered some immediate wins:

  • MBSP's range of services is now more seamlessly accessible to citizens. They no longer face the inconvenience of going to different locations to complete one simple task.
  • City council workers are now able to reallocate working hours to focus on the quality of service to meet citizens’ requests.

“The collaboration with TM One through their CX Premier has helped MBSP Call Centre improve the quality of service delivery and no complaints are dropped or missed. It makes MBSP more efficient in receiving complaints and delivering services to solve all the enquiries of the public”

- YBhg. Dato’ Sr Hj Rozali bin Hj Mohamud
Mayor of Seberang Perai

A Seamless Customer Journey

Given its motto of ‘Seberang Perai Aspiring City of Tomorrow’, MBSP is naturally committed to provisioning a first-class customer experience in line with expectations of today's digital first-world.

Despite the pandemic, MBSP must remain digitally connected to customers to help address their issues. Additionally, MBSP needs to integrate its array of different services under its umbrella into one single channel, which is more customer-centric. This entails a more strategic approach in interconnecting with other departments and functions within the council. Part of the journey entails overcoming security, training and business continuity hurdles in order to unlock operational benefits.

Unlocking Operational Efficiencies

When MBSP made the strategic decision to turn to CX Premier to prevail over its operational challenges and to empower an effective, seamless digital experience for their customers, it was ideally positioned the council to facilitate seamless communications with the public within a new normal of pandemic related restricted social interaction.

On a broader level, the overall digital solution is helping MBSP to achieve its objectives by delivering the following strategic technological drivers:

  • A highly scalable contact centre solution built with best-in-class CX services, which ensures that volume growth is managed appropriately by anticipating and mitigating unexpected complaint spikes. As CX Premier can be scaled up or down at any time by maximising the utilisation of resources, MBSP benefits from overall productivity gains and reduced operational costs.
  • MBSP also has the ability to turn on or off CX Premier features from the Omni Cloud CX, which ensures faster enablement of its digital interaction journey. Cloud CX helps MBSP provide greater insights into operations, which in turn helps develop strategies in key areas and achieve operational excellence. An Omni-ready platform is essential as customers today expect seamless and consistent communication.
  • Cloud CX also supports the practice of Work From Home (WFH). This is another strategy that TM One optimises to manage day-to-day operations, capacity, and business continuity planning throughout the pandemic period. With Cloud CX security, MBSP is assured of the data privacy and security aspect of going digital.
  • Moreover, TM One's extensive knowledge management and training strategy ensures that all contact centre agents are correctly oriented and given a superlative understanding of MBSP's services and customer needs. Consistent use of these knowledge management tools empowers a highly effective role in resolving customer issues rapidly, and improves overall productivity.

Moving Forward: Unleashing Fresh Benefits

TM One has played an important role as the data aggregator for MBSP by sharing business-related insights through quarterly business meetings. This information has benefited MBSP to improve the back-end operation towards improving their complaint resolution timeline through focused improvement strategies.

MBSP has been able to reduce processing time for applications and complaints, as well as improve response time to customers. The citizens are now able to obtain the services and assistance that they need in a more efficient manner, which is greatly benefiting them. The call centre also employs trained operators who are able to provide better customer service and this will enable MBSP to resolve the public complaints and enquiries more quickly and efficiently.

CX Premier is delivering exceptional customer service with performance levels exceeding previously committed targets. In addition to taking good care of voice transactions, CX Premier is also at the helm of managing digital transactions, which include e-aduan on a web platform, emails, e-pintas and itegur apps, among others. As well as expertly assessing and implementing the most appropriate technologies and processes, TM One addressed key areas connected to a more effective Service Level Agreement (SLA) to resolve complaint cases.

Today, 93% of the customer’s calls to CX Premier will be answered within 20 seconds. TM One has also actualised MBSP's digital interaction journey by managing a total of seven (7) different channels six (6) of which are digital channels such as email, social media, mobile applications, and web portal inquiries. An exceptional customer journey has been innovated on an integrated interactive platform of telephonic and digital channels.

Apart from this, our recent WFH strategy has helped MBSP sustain its customer service operations without any interruption throughout the pandemic period. The strategy has ensured the customer operation functions without interruption even after adhering to 60/40 workforce conditions by Majlis Keselamatan Negara Malaysia (MKN) & Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM). This approach has also improved the productivity of the agents with a safe and comfortable working environment.

With TM One Business Services taking care of operational aspects of MBSP’s one-stop centre, MBSP is now ideally positioned to focus on serving the people faster and delivering superior levels of performance. This success story is another stride forward in revolutionising MBSP's efforts to achieve its Digital State objectives, which is pivoting on putting its customers' interests at the heart of all of the city council's services.

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