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TM One, TM’s business solutions arm, partners with organisations to empower them with cutting-edge technologies such as managed services, data centers, and cybersecurity. With a focus on value-based and sustainable solutions, TM One facilitates the harnessing of big data and IR 4.0, aligning with TM’s mission for a progressive Digital Malaysia.


For Community

We enrich every moments by enabling converged
lifestyle solutions.

For Business

We enable growth by providing solutions & strategic
collaborations that accelerate.

For Government

We accelerate the nation's aspiration towards becoming a Digital Malaysia with connectivity and, digital solutions.

Industries for you


Protect medical records, implement tele-health initiatives, and comply with stringent industry regulations.
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Transform citizen services, unleash business innovation and heighten public sector security and transparency.
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Maximise hydrocarbon productivity from the subsurface to the control room while enhancing stafff safety.
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Improve access to high-wuality education, enable smart learning and empower the workforce of the future.
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Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI)

Raise customer experience, security and compliance. Bolster competitveness and create revenue opportunities.
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Solutions For You

Collaboration Services

Access cloud-based unified communications that supercharges collaboration, innocation and efficiency, decentralises and hastens decision-making, empowers distributed workers and boosts customer experience.
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Mobile & Wireless

 From robust mobile data services to innovative wireless solutions, TM ONE ensures your organization stays connected, productive, and ready for the future of 5G mobile technology of the digital age.
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Network Services

TM ONE comprehensive solutions include high-performance data connectivity, secure networking, and scalable infrastructure, ensuring seamless communication and efficient data management. 
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Voice Services

Our solutions offer crystal-clear audio quality, seamless connectivity, and a range of features designed to enhance business communication and to meet your organization's communication needs with clarity.
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Smart Services

Harness the power of professional services to create a smart services vision; pre-architectured solutions to accelerate implementation and managed services to dirve application maintenance and innovation.
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Business Services

Focus on core business areas, while lowering capital expenditure by outsourcing to payroll, HR, accounting , technical support, contact centre operations and social media management. 
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Adopt the best continuous, real-time and predictive cybersecurity across private and public networks without complexitiy. Build digital trust for a digital Malaysia with fast, cost-effective, scalable and flexible solutions.
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Cloud Services

Craft a cloud journey that is as unique as your needs. Re-create the future on your terms and needs with robust infrastructure and professional and managed services from Cloud Alpha and ecosystem from world class partner.
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Data Centre Services

Achieve high availability and performance by leeraging the robust infrastucture of TM One's PCI DSS compliant, ISO/IEC 27001 and Uptime Institue Tier III certified Twin Core Data Centre, besides complying with data residency laws.
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And around 24+ other next-gen technologies.
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