Smart Services


Accelerate Connected Opportunities

Smart services promise to transform enterprises and the public sector by embedding intelligence into critical infrastructures and everyday objects. Connected and intelligent ecosystems, transmitting data in near real-time, will power a new generation of revenue streams, efficiency measures, and people-empowering strategies. They will also unleash greater innovation, customer experience, sustainability, profitability, and resilience.


Technology Enabler

Leverage real-time data, robust analytics, and comprehensive dashboards to mitigate downtime, enhance productivity, and boost operational visibility for refined planning, reporting, and streamlined work allocation.
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Smart City

Reshaping urban landscapes into secure, sustainable, and innovative environments. Redefine transparency, efficiency, convenience, and citizen-business engagement. Empower cities to evolve with TM One for a modernised urban experience.
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Smart Industry

Enhance asset uptime, lifespan, production predictability, and worker safety. Plus boost operational efficiency by integrating IoT data and analytics with a leaner and faster approach through Smart Manufacturing Solutions.
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Smart Healthcare

Get access to accurate, real-time hospital, clinic, and patient information and analytics to enhance the quality of medical care, patient experience, and staff efficiency. Our smart healthcare solutions resulting in better care and margins.
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Smart Agriculture

Capitalise on best-in-class smart agriculture solutions which not only boost farm yield and farmer income, but also offer benefits for stakeholders across the agricultural economy such as government or farm agencies.
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Enhanced Efficiency

Utilises automation to streamline processes, reducing manual effort and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Personalised Experiences

Leverages data and AI to deliver personalised services, tailoring experiences to individual preferences and needs.

Real-Time Data

Harnesses IoT and analytics for real-time data insights, enabling informed decision-making and proactive problem-solving.

Cost Reduction

Optimises resource usage and workflow, leading to cost reductions through efficient allocation and utilisation.

Improves Engagement

Enhances customer interaction through digital channels, providing seamless and responsive services for heightened satisfaction.

Agile and Adaptive

Adapts quickly to changing demands and market dynamics, ensuring flexibility and responsiveness to evolving customer and business needs.

Data Security

Implements robust security measures to safeguard user data, ensuring privacy and compliance with regulatory standards.

Predictive Analytics

Applies predictive analytics to anticipate trends and user behavior, facilitating proactive decision support for better service delivery.


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