Digital Workplace

Digital workplace revolutionises work environments, integrating advanced technology for collaborative, efficient, and flexible operations. It empowers employees, enhances communication, and optimises workflows, ensuring productivity in today's technology-driven business landscape.



Scalable Deployment

Optimise investments with TM One's easy-to-upgrade OPEX model. Take advantage of an easy and flexible deployment model that best fits business needs.

Reliable Uptime

Make the most of high quality and low latency voice calls on TM One's reliable, robust and secure network. Enhance customer experience and loyalty.

Integrated System

Be future-ready and empower your organisation to migrate from legacy systems to TM One's fully integrated, advanced and holistic collaboration services.

Increase Productivity

TM One's Unified Communications and Collaborations services ensure improved efficiency and business continuity. Hence, working with no disruptions.

Flexible Workspace

With secure Internet, virtual presence, instant messaging, voice solutions, and video conferencing, you can work from anywhere, any device, anytime.

Managed Services

Streamline operational efficiency with TM One 24/7 support services, cloud offerings complied with Malaysia data residency regulations. and data centres.

Certified Personnel

TM One's in-house certified engineers and experts provide SLA adherence, customer service, and support to ensure a hassle-free collaboration experience.
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