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Leveraging the Internet of Things, big data analytics, machine learning, and mobility, TM One empowers energy industry to navigate the digital landscape efficiently. Transform now with TM One to unlock new opportunities, enhance operational efficiency,


High Speed Networks

Connecting offshore Energy assets with high-speed offshore networks that has many benefits including increased productivity and quality of life, and faster critical incident response.

Hybrid Clouds

Deploy hybrid cloud models to leverage cloud services such as AI and IOT, while improving disaster recovery and availability, from on-premise data centres with cloud extension services.


Connected devices, such as wearables and smart helmets, combine sensors and cloud-based applications to increase worker safety, improve asset management, and reservoir production.

5G Connectivity

Access to 5G solutions opens up a diverse set of strategic opportunities around robotics, remote machine operations and control, immersive experiences, and smart operations to support remote sites.


Greater digitization and the introduction of Industry 4.0 technologies renders Energy operations vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Safeguard production assets with cybersecurity solutions.

And around 24+ other next-gen technologies.
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