Embrace New Way of Working

In today's digital era, remote work breaks barriers, enabling global reach and boosting profitability. TM One Voice and Collaboration redefine communication, enhancing productivity and customer experience.



Digitize citizen services by building government portals, call centers, mobile apps for government schemes and services to make the lives of Malaysians hassle-free and free freedom.


Build a bedrock of technology-enabled public utilities like smart street lights, smart traffic lights, and smart parking solutions that take Malaysia one step closer to developing smart cities.

Digital Healthcare and Education

Empower the Ministries of Education and Healthcare to transform through the digitalization of healthcare services and education, ensuring access for all.


Strengthen Malaysia’s cybersecurity, protect confidential citizen data, and improve the network security level of government agencies to ensure a successful and formidable digital nation.

Data Analytics

Implement data analytics and AI, powered by the cloud, to transform government digital service delivery and enable government agencies to enhance and improve citizen services.

And around 24+ other next-gen technologies.
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