Revolutionizing Learning

TM One stands at the forefront of Education 4.0, ushering in a new era of education that is connected, smart, and accessible to pave the way for a brighter future in Malaysia.


Smart Learning

Empower students with a mix of both traditional and online learning solutions anytime, anywhere. Create interactive classrooms with digital devices to automate the learning experience.

School & Learning Management Systems

Manage your schools and track and review the performance of your students and teachers from a single platform. Enable parents and teachers to track student progress and provide feedback.


With technology-driven connectivity, educational institutions can foster innovation, support remote learning initiatives, and ensure a reliable digital infrastructure for both students and educators.


Provide parents and teachers with a worry-free environment with on-campus facial recognition, Smart Access Systems, school bus tracking, and cybersecurity solutions.

Data Analytics

Increase access to affordable education industry through distance learning and make digital learning possible with faster, uninterrupted connectivity.

And around 24+ other next-gen technologies.
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