A Foundation of Digital Trust

Strengthen Malaysia’s cybersecurity, protect confidential citizen data, and improve the network security level of government agencies to ensure a successful and formidable digital nation.


Network Security Services

Robust network defenses against cyber threats, ensuring uninterrupted operations and safeguarding sensitive data.
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End Point Security Services

Securing endpoints from malware, providing proactive threat detection, and preventing unauthorised access.
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Cloud Security Services

Comprehensive protection for cloud environments, ensuring data integrity, compliance, and threat prevention.
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Cybersecurity Risk Management Services

Tailored risk strategies, proactive threat management, and compliance measures to fortify cyber resilience.
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Identity & Access Management Services

Secure user identities, control access permissions, and minimise security risks with advanced solutions.
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Data & Application Security Services

Safeguard critical data and applications against breaches, ensuring robust security and compliance.
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Cybersecurity Consulting

Expert guidance, assessment, and strategies to strengthen cybersecurity posture and mitigate risks for your business.
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IOT & OT Security Services

Protecting Internet of Things and Operational Technology systems from cyber threats and vulnerabilities.
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Simplified Security

Improves security with TM One CYDEC, top-tier security, simplicity, and relief from false positives, hiring challenges, and complex point solutions.

Complete Threat Intelligence

TM One CYDEC detects & mitigates digital business risks using comprehensive, real-time threat intel from surface, deep, & dark web.

Real-Time Monitoring

TM One CYDEC ensures security round the clock with 24/7 security operations centre monitoring, expert analysts sifting data for precise intelligence.

Wide Coverage

Mitigate risks from ransomware and botnet DDOS attacks. to data, identity, apps, and infrastructure across multi-clouds, digital channels, and endpoints.

Aligned to Business

Enhance security and get access with TM One CYDEC cutting-edge cybersecurity that is proactive, OPEX-based, flexible, and offers swift time-to-value.

Digital Capabilities

Utilise TM One's digital telco prowess, gaining unique insights into data flows, with its highly secured networks, and global partnerships.


You can only manage what you can measure. CYDEC has a host of vulnerability assessment solutions that not only help you spot cybersecurity weaknesses—across technology, people, process and policy—but also helps you prioritise critical challenges and align with budgetary constraints.
SMEs are among the most targeted companies, and are often ill-equipped to defend against cyber-threats. Recommended Solutions are Certificate Authority (TMCA), Blockchain Secure Authentication (BSA) , Managed Unified Threat Management (MUTM) , Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) and Vulnerability Management Service (VMS)
As hybrid digital workplaces become the norm, employees working from home, on multiple devices, represent a significant threat to your enterprise’s security. Learn how CYDEC can help you protect remote, distributed and varying types of endpoints effectively. Recommended Solutions: Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP), Managed Detection and Response (MDR) , Managed SD WAN & Secure Access Secure Edge (SASE), Vulnerability Management Service (VMS)
As a greater number of enterprises move workloads to one or more public clouds, attackers have honed their ability to breach hybrid and multi-cloud environments. The recommended solutions, Vulnerability Management Service (VMS), Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), Digital Risk Protection , Professional Services .Red Teaming and ISMS Compliance


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