A Brighter Digital Future with TM One’s 5G Sphere Programme - Shazurawati Abd Karim, Executive Vice President, TM One

27 January 2023

Shazurawati Abd Karim – Executive Vice President , TM One

TM One’s LEAP Summit 2022 revolved around the theme of encouraging companies to make their next move in digital innovation and transformation. During the summit, digital experts from across the globe were brought together to shed light on transformation process their companies experienced and discussed pointers for others to be emulated. This article outlines the closing speech by Shazurawati Abd Karim, Executive Vice President at TM One where she officially launched TM One’s 5G Sphere Programme and shared with us its benefits.

5G to Fill in the Gaps of Our Digitalisation Process

The next generation of mobile network infrastructure has arrived. 5G is now deployed across numerous states, industrial areas, and technology parks in Malaysia and is projected to be accessible to at least 80% of the population by 2024. This will mark another evolution of information and communications infrastructure which will far outweigh our transformative experience during the transition to 4G.

5G is ready to take its place as a new breed of communications infrastructure. Businesses and consumers alike can expect an elevated digital experience through the benefits of 5G, such as:

  • Faster transmission of large quantities of data
  • Easy computation of data
  • Improved real-time detection
  • Instant analysis and action for data usage efficiency
  • Reduced downtime and improvements in safety
  • Better business performances
  • Elevated user experiences

The Next Smart Solution for Businesses

For businesses, the adoption of digital solutions must be able to cater to the individual needs of every industry for it to be truly effective. This understanding has deepened over the years across several industries.

For example, financial services have refined and regulated selection processes for highly specific digital solutions to manage the large catalogue of services within the industry, from processing loan applications to financial product acquisition.

Another example can be taken from the usage of digital solutions in public spaces. Amsterdam’s smart city shows proof of the utilisation of smart solutions managed to streamline cost management, while simultaneously accelerated their smart city planning process. Within the manufacturing industry, digital solutions have transformed the management of production lines, resulting in highly efficient operations and cost savings.

While brief, these are just a handful of examples which indicate the versatility of the digital services being provided in serving specific industry needs, and how a targeted approach can generate insightful decision-making and streamlines operation. This understanding, coupled with the introduction of 5G, shows heavy promise in accelerating the adoption of these solutions and the benefits that come with it, paving the way for businesses to update and elevate performances even further.

However, while we strongly encourage businesses to begin scaling up their digitalisation efforts, we must also keep in mind the risks that come with. Indeed, a heavy reliance on technological tools and services presents a higher vulnerability to cyberattacks.

Shazurawati quoted a 2022 Kroll Cyber Risk and CFOs study of CFOs in Asia Pacific where 84% of the respondents confirmed they had more than three cybersecurity incidents in the last 18 months

A ranking by VPN service company SurfShark, placed Malaysia at the 11th spot as a highly invasive and digitally threatened country. This indicates that unfortified businesses may experience an influx of cybercrimes in the future, resulting in potential data and financial loss.

While we chase our dreams of achieving total digital transformation, we must ensure that pursuing and upgrading our cybersecurity networks remains an uncompromisable priority.

Considering our new digital landscape and the potential vulnerabilities that come with it, there is a real need for a safe acquisition and integration process of digital solutions for businesses to be able to align their processes towards an IR 4.0 nation.

Entering a new era of productivity and safety with TM One’s 5G Sphere Programme

A new alliance between TM One and global and Malaysia’s top tech and smart services partners has now given rise to the 5G Sphere Programme.

The programme is an ecosystem of smart and digital solution enablers for enterprises for their innovation and transformation to the Next. TM One 5G Sphere partners harness the 5G services and capabilities to accelerate the fit for purpose solution and use cases from ideation to implementation for enterprises. All industry verticals public sector services, healthcare, education institutions, factories, manufacturers, and the transport and logistics sector could benefit from opportunities to smarterising their business operations with multiplicity of IoT-related solutions.

These tools will boost education institutions, factories, manufacturers, and the transport sector in revamping their systems and operations. There are also opportunities in propelling businesses in reaching 5G-related opportunities that lie on the horizon (i.e. Video monitoring, logistics, and fleet management). 

If there is one lesson to be taken from the uncertainty we experienced during the pandemic, it is one which highlights the value of innovation to businesses that is proven to be an effective investment for business sustainability and stability.  Rooting today’s efforts towards supporting tomorrow’s needs is key for strong, resilient organisations, capable of withstanding dynamic changes of the business landscape and even creating growth trajectories within the competitive market. As Malaysia’s business landscape continues to evolve, TM One is your trusted partner to propel you to greater heights towards a digital nation.

To register your interest in TM One 5G Sphere Programme, please visit https://www.tmone.com.my/5g/


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