Smart City

Leverage our wide range of pre-integrated and tested Smart City offerings and transform cities into safer, and more sustainable, innovative, and liveable spaces. Re-imagine transparency, efficiency, convenience, and citizen and business participation. Modernise cities with TM One.



Urban Mobility

Optimise traffic flow, reduced congestion, and enhanced public transportation systems, promoting efficient urban mobility.

Energy Management

Implements IoT and data analytics for smart energy consumption, optimising resource usage and reducing environmental impact.

Public Surveillance

Utilises real-time data analysis for enhanced public safety, crime prevention, and rapid response to emergencies.

Waste Management

Implements IoT sensors for smart waste collection, optimising routes and promoting sustainable waste management practices.

Smart Infrastructure

Real-time monitoring and maintenance with IoT, ensuring the longevity of assets, fostering sustainable urban development.

Environmental Sustainability

Promotes energy-efficient buildings with green spaces for an environmentally friendly urban development.

Digital Governance

Utilises digital platforms and IoT for efficient governance, and responsive public services, fostering a connected urban community.
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