Accelerating MyDIGITAL with Cloud

26 July 2021
Mohamad Rejab Sulaiman

Mohamad Rejab Sulaiman
Head of Product and Innovations at TM One, the enterprise and public sector business solutions arm of Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM), discusses how the public sector’s journey to the Cloud will unlock the much needed value and how TM One's expertise and comprehensive set of digital services is taking transformation forward for the government sector to empower public service delivery excellence.

Q The Government, through MyDIGITAL, is shifting towards a Cloud-First strategy, targeting the migration of 80% of public data to a hybrid cloud system by the end of 2022. What are the benefits of shifting public sector services into the cloud?

The shift towards a Cloud-First strategy by the Government is indeed a welcomed and timely move. There is a broad range of advantages and efficacies linked to the shifting of public sector services into the Cloud. Thanks largely to its ability to handle large volumes of information, Cloud services will enhance the efficiency of data collection and management as well as enable advanced technologies – such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and other applications – to be used to strengthen the delivery of Government services to all Malaysians.

Cloud’s greater computing and storage capabilities compared to on-premise-based technology infrastructure opens up the space for greater innovation and the rapid deployment of more cost-effective processes. It enables the flexibility to scale up or down on-demand without the need for big capital investments, and executable in much shorter deployment timeframes. These benefits will enable the Government sector to quickly expand new smart services across different agencies at significantly lower implementation costs.

Q At the end of the day, the Government aims to enhance the wellbeing of all Malaysians through digital transformation. How can the benefits of cloud computing be enjoyed by the Rakyat?

Digitalising existing manual services enhances the speed of service delivery to the Rakyat while enabling more Government services to be provided online. It means greater convenience. Cloud computing will also enable more innovative public services to be developed and implemented to deliver better access and inclusivity of essential services. For example, in healthcare, telemedicine, which involves appropriate remote care and consultations, is set to grow. AI-enabled diagnosis tools allow doctors to make faster diagnoses resulting in faster treatments for patients. Meanwhile, in education, we have witnessed the benefits of cloud-powered applications through, for instance, the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) and Sijil Tinggi Pelajaran Malaysia (STPM) examination results announcement portal; home-based teaching and learning applications for schools and Learning Management Systems at institutions of higher learning have ensured that students are able to continue learning, sit for exams, and obtain exam results – despite the pandemic.

Q What is the role of TM One in supporting MyDIGITAL initiatives?

With our comprehensive array of digital solutions, TM One is ready to support the Government in realising MyDIGITAL’s aspirations and thus to take the Government’s digital transformation forward. Our Cloud α (Alpha) services provide full-stack cloud capabilities while our TM One Cyber Defence Centre (CYDEC) provides a wide range of world-class managed security services, including Global Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) services, Active Cyber Defence (ACD) and 24/7 Global Cybersecurity Operations Centre (G-CSOC) to protect the Government and public data.

The combination of these two services, plus our comprehensive Cloud and Cybersecurity Professional Services will ensure that Government institutions can migrate seamlessly to the Cloud and unlock its benefits while having the added assurance of knowing that public data is kept secure and in full compliance with regulatory requirements.

Under the Cloud Service Provider (CSP) initiative, TM One delivers these services through our strategic partnership with Cloud Connect Sdn Bhd as the managed services provider (MSP). Together, we are fully set to further facilitate the Government’s Cloud First Strategy towards accelerating Digital Malaysia.

This article was written in collaboration with The Edge.

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