Cloud ⍺ Series #7: Helping Malaysian SMEs #stayinbusiness

6 July 2020

Covid-19 and the resulting Movement Control Orders (MCO) brought great challenges to Malaysia – to the people, businesses and the economy as a whole. Many businesses were not allowed to operate. The Government announced financial relief initiatives to help Malaysians and SMEs weather the storm. Responding to the call from the Government, TM One worked hand-in-hand with the Government so that Malaysian SMEs could #stayinbusiness in these challenging times.

stay in business

Today in history

  • The pandemic caused many local businesses to stop operations.
  • The Government announced the economic stimulus package, which included financial assistance for the people.
  • Millions of Malaysians swamped the portal to register for this financial assistance.
  • The existing on-premise system was congested due to the sudden surge in traffic.

The Challenge: SMEs' Hopes, Government's Balancing Act

  • SMEs was the focal segment in the 2nd phase of financial assistance.
  • The Government was concerned that the same overload and congestion will re-occur.
  • Seamless, Uninterrupted Services for the people is the Government’s top priority.
  • The Government needed a scalable solution as a stop-gap measure for the temporary surge.
  • The Government needed a solution - speed and computing power, but also one that allows for the data to be in their on-premise data centre to adhere to regulatory requirements.

The Solution: Connecting Malaysian SMEs for Malaysia

  • TM One was called to the rescue.
  • Cloud α suite of services was deployed as the solution.
  • TM One Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) residing in TM One Tier III Data Centre in Malaysia addressing data residency concerns.
  • Scalability, Speed and Security
    • from TM One Cloud α, to the Government, for the people
      • IaaS residing in TM One Data Centre
      • Robust connectivity with high availability and reliability
      • Managed Cybersecurity Services

The Results: Helping Malaysian SMEs #stayinbusiness

  • In just 1 week
    From capacity planning to deployment to testing, the government’s backend system was put in place to support the wave
  • Professional Services
    A dedicated team of experts working remotely and on standby 24/7 for any technical assistance
  • Keeping data secure
    Highly sensitive information protected against any potential cyberattack in every ecosystem and its processes
  • Congestion-free, worry-free
    High speed, low latency and robust connectivity despite the high influx of SMEs swarming the government website
  • Flexibility
    The scalable Cloud α is adaptable to fluctuating needs, making it highly sustainable and cost-effective for the Government

The verdict: Malaysia on the Road to Recovery

Malaysian SMEs enjoyed the seamless uninterrupted experience on the government portal.

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