Solutions Built for Citizens, Realizing the Vision of a Liveable Malaysia – Shazurawati Abd Karim

7 June 2022

Our first City LEAP Summit in 2020 addressed the needs and challenges faced by local councils (Pihak Berkuasa Tempatan, PBT) in implementing smart cities. At the time, there were many. However, living through an unprecedented pandemic in the following two years resulted in the introduction and 180-degree evolution of these challenges.

In this year’s City LEAP Summit, we readdress the PBT challenges and reorient our efforts. Our renewed vision and clearer pathways helps us forge forward to make the smart city aspirations a reality with every PBT and its people.

In line with the Ministry of Housing and Local Government (KPKT)’s initiative in creating a “Liveable Malaysia”, TM One is committed to pioneering and co-creating digital transformation for the cities of the future. Championing a Liveable Malaysia through the creation of smart cities is very much aligned with our goal of becoming a human-centred technology company and our belief in “Life Made Easier”.

The advent of smart cities will help create a higher quality of life for citizens by using technology to support local business communities, thereby increasing the efficiency of public services and creating a more sustainable, friendlier environment.

4 key elements for an effective smart city transformation

The implementation of an effective smart city transformation is easier said than done. Challenges await each PBT with many moving parts and considerations to be made. However, in our endeavours and experience in cooperating with several PBTs, we have identified four key elements for success:

  1. Solutions to meet the specific needs of the city’s residents: There is no one-size-fits-all blueprint for creating smart cities, as not all cities face the same challenges or are on the same scale. While technological solutions may broadly be capable of fixing many of humanity’s problems, it is only truly effective when tailored to a specific purpose (i.e. being human-centred). This principle forms the theme for this year’s City LEAP Summit – Solutions Built for Citizens.
  2. A strategic and integrated execution plan: While several smart city solution providers exist in the market, the key to effective execution lies in integrating systems to seamlessly share and accurately interpret data to ensure the continuous generation of useful insights. Strategy and integration may be enablers, but they also appear to be the biggest challenge for several PBTs. Therefore, the solution lies in selecting a provider who can offer robust and integrated, long-term implementation strategies with end to end managed services capabilities that can support and enable PBT’s and its people’s requirements.
  3. Unbreakable cybersecurity: Technology presents huge benefits for the planning of cities but also places considerable risks on security. Connected cities presents or open up to a new profile of cybersecurity attack risk. Critical attention needs to be paid to smart city cybersecurity to ensure safety, functionality and efficiency.
  4. No more delays: The time has never been more right to implement smart cities. The climate and our environmental landscape is rapidly changing. With that comes natural disasters, unpredictable weather and other risks that we must mitigate. Thankfully, our technological capabilities have matured beyond mitigation and can now play a role in helping our world and our cities heal. PBTs must take advantage of the technological readiness to safeguard our homes against the challenges that are already knocking on our doors. From its capability to mitigate flooding to lowering carbon outputs through effective traffic control, smart cities hold the key to a safer, sustainable living environment for all our citizens.

Our progress so far

To date, we have made several initiatives with PBTs:

  1. The implementation of Smart Traffic Lights in several states: Kelantan, Perlis, Penang, Selangor and Johor now experience better traffic control, shortened commute times and receives automated notifications to local councils on traffic light malfunctions in real-time, thanks to the implementation of Smart Traffic Lights and traffic optimisation, powered by Artificial Intelligence. The local council of Ipoh has also recently joined in on Smart Traffic Light implemenatation, with significant results to show for it. With the abundance of vehicles on the road, smart traffic management is key to reducing carbon footprints in the cities.
  2. We have also implemented the Smart Safety and Security System in 25 local councils nationwide. This system is supported by Integrated Command Centre. The combination of sensors, Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence are helping PBTs detect, respond, predict and prevent more effectively to ensure the safety and comfort of the citizens and communities, contributing towards lowering crime and delivering emergency assistance more efficiently.

We are forging ahead, co-creating with PBTs on various digital services for the seamless use and benefit of the people and businesses. TM One remains a committed strategic partner to all PBTs in realising their aspirations toward becoming smart cities. Our objectives are clear – to implement the best-in-place integrated solutions that cater to each city and champion human-centred technology in accomplishing a “Liveable Malaysia”. TM One is the trusted partner who enable PBTs’ next advantage, today and tomorrow.


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