The Future for Enterprises is Undeniably Digital

7 April 2021

As enterprises race to digitalise, new, cutting-edge technologies are becoming more viable than ever, with increased speed and power and decreased costs

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The pandemic has forced Malaysia and the whole world into an accelerated migration to digital technologies. Businesses are witnessing the deployment of remote work and digital access to services across every domain. To fully participate in this evolution, companies need to incorporate digital transformation at each step of the customer journey and adapt business processes to the new normal.

All eyes on the enterprise sector

Charged with servicing vast numbers of consumers with speed and accuracy – and often, in person – Malaysia’s enterprises know all too well both the urgent pressures and the structural difficulties of adapting to disruptive changes. After all, most organisations today are handling huge volumes of data, and many are using aging legacy IT systems that may be difficult to upgrade.

It remains to be seen whether Malaysia’s enterprise sector can become sufficiently agile quickly enough to thrive in the digital age. The market is also observing large enterprises struggling to keep up with startups that are increasingly disrupting traditional forms of business and meeting customer needs more rapidly via digital platforms.

A company that successfully transforms into a digital enterprise uses technology as a competitive advantage in its internal and external operations, from how it operates, develops products and services to how it generates revenue and engages with customers. Companies that do this successfully also can become economically efficient and more flexible in adapting to future market changes.

Moreover, digitalisation is opening up new markets and creating ecosystems that often extend across multiple sectors. Connected and autonomous vehicles, e-medicine, fintech, e-tailing and smart cities are all enabled by connectivity, growth in storage and bandwidth, advances in cognitive technologies and increasingly sophisticated data analytics.

Three key technologies

Smaller enterprises now have access to sophisticated capabilities once only available to huge multinationals, increasing demand and creating a virtuous cycle for more products and services. Three digital technologies have risen to the fore as the key foundational enablers.

First is smart services, which promise to transform enterprises by embedding intelligence into critical infrastructure and everyday objects from any device, anytime and anywhere.

Secondly, cloud-based platforms have proliferated in response to a rising need for allowing multiple stakeholders to access corporate data, customer information and projects from different locations and devices in real-time.

Digital innovations also bring new risks to businesses, such as cyberattacks, data breaches and other online threats. Enterprises need to convince their customers that data collected by the smart services, processed and stored in the cloud, is secure. This necessitates the third technology – cybersecurity. Enterprises must invest in advanced cybersecurity measures to accompany all the newly incorporated technologies and build digital trust. While implementing these and other new technologies, enterprises will have to adapt their IT and business models as well, ones that are agile enough to place technology at the core of the company strategy.

TM ONE, your partner in digital transformation

The enterprise and public sector business solutions arm of Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM), TM ONE is committed to offering workable, customisable digital solutions to the enterprise sector. In addition to cost-effective networks, TM ONE also helps digital enterprises remain resilient through smart services, cloud platforms and cybersecurity solutions.

More than just technology, TM ONE has the human touch. Its experts are well-versed in industry best practice and compliance standards. Through professional and managed services, TM ONE’s team assesses a company’s needs and develop an action plan, whether that’s data migration or more complex Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions.

Another key concern around digital transformation is complexity, with many enterprise leaders worried that they will not be able to maintain their systems after the migration. TM ONE’s team of smart services, cloud and cybersecurity experts guide clients through the entire process, from planning to implementation, and remain on call 24/7 for any challenges.

TM ONE CEO Ahmad Taufek
TM ONE CEO Ahmad Taufek

Speaking on the diversity of customer needs, TM ONE CEO Ahmad Taufek said, “As part of the TM Group, and our role as the enabler Digital Malaysia, we have the capabilities to fully support the enterprise sector. From an infrastructure standpoint, TM ONE is a one-stop centre with our network, software and platform and most importantly full data sovereignty. Moreover, from an advisory perspective, we have the expertise of top solution consultants.”

He went on to say that the announcement of MyDIGITAL – the Digital Economy Blueprint presented “the perfect time for enterprises to kick start their digital transformation journey” and that “TM ONE is ready to serve with our comprehensive suite of digital solutions.

A call to action

2021 comes with its own set of challenges for Malaysia and its economy. But the previous year has abundantly underscored the importance of digital leadership and transformation. TM ONE stands at the ready to support the enterprise sector in this trial by fire – a trial that will lay the groundwork for great things ahead.

For more information about TM ONE and Cloud α, please visit the official website.

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