Why Seamless And Connected Service is the Key to Success

8 July 2022

Over the last two years, many brands accelerated their digital transformation to meet customers online. Customers quickly embraced the speed, convenience, and safety of digital experiences. However, digital alone is no longer enough. Emerging from the pandemic, consumers are now craving human interactions and a hybrid of both digital and in person experiences has gained momentum. 

For these experiences to be meaningful to the customer requires a new level of customer obsession and a seamless, connected customer experience across all channels. 

Jazlan Azizy Jusoh, Head of Business Services, TM One at Telekom Malaysia recently spoke about the expectations of today’s customers, and how creating a coherent digital experience can help brands to deliver this level of customer obsession.  Jazlan says this begins with adopting more customer-centric processes. 

“Thinking from the customer’s perspective is key. We must focus on what matters more to customers, instead of just what matters to us,” he says. “Put the customer at the centre, and design the right data architecture around the customer to build a 360-degree view.” 

Read the full article here to learn more about how innovative technology is helping organisations meet the challenges of connecting with, and satisfying, customers across multiple channels.

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