TM One Sandbox for Customer



Empower your innovative company by joining the TM ONE Sandbox. Collaborate and develop solutions using our cutting-edge platform, fostering creativity and experimentation in a controlled environment.


Early access

Your customers will get early access to your new products and provide feedback to help shape the adoption of the right customised solutions.​

Better User Experience

Ensure your business delivers a tailored and user-friendly experience for new products or solutions based on customers' feedback.


Connect with like-minded community that fosters meaningful connections and facilitates the exchange of valuable insights and expertise.

Customer Centric

You will gain access from customers to provide feedback of the new products and services. Hence, producing a better customers-centric product in the market.


Sandbox Customer

Innovative companies are welcome to be part of TM One Sandbox. No charges required.

What to Expect when Joining our TM One Sandbox?

1. Submit interest form and we will contact you.
2. Onboarding with us.
3. Develop the Solutions.
4. LIVE service trial in Customer Sandbox or TM One Sandbox
5. Commercialisation of the Solutions.


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