TM One Sandbox for Partner



We facilitate open collaboration, allowing partners of TM One to contribute, iterate, and co-create in a sandbox. It serves as a virtual playground for innovation, fostering the exchange of ideas and collaborative problem-solving, all while minimizing the risks associated with implementing new concepts in a live environment.


Portfolio expansion

Test and develop new technologies in the sandbox ecosystem;allowing for portfolio expansion and staying up to date with the latest innovations.​

Market Penetration

Collaboration from diverse group of partners create opportunities for collaboration and partnerships for continuous innovation allows for easier market penetration. 

Increase visibility

Receive exposure to potential customers, investors, and other stakeholders and eventually helps build your brand and businesses, gaining access to the market.​

Reduced risk

Partners can mitigate risk by conducting tests on new products or services within a controlled environment before launching them to a wider market.


Sandbox Partner


An ecosystem that brings together the country’s leading technology, industry and smart solution partners to co-create the future of Malaysian 5G. As one unified force, we take our shared ideas and turn them into reality to build advanced industries towards an advanced nation, for all.
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Any innovative companies are welcome to be part of TM One Sandbox at no cost.

What to Expect when Joining our TM One Sandbox?

1. Submit interest form and we will contact you.
2. Onboarding with us.
3. Develop the Solutions.
4. LIVE service trial in Customer Sandbox or TM One Sandbox
5. Commercialisation of the Solutions.


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