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9 March 2023

Innovation is a key driver for organisations to generate new opportunities and to create greater value. It enables organisations to find fresh solutions to problems and generate value that they otherwise couldn't access. It takes leadership’s commitment to drive innovation across an organisation. With the right mix of people, tools and leadership, organisations can unlock their next advantage, today.

How organisations can move towards their NEXT phase of economic growth and create new business growth

What are the five top of mind factors that organisations should consider their NEXT phase of innovation?

  • Rebalancing organisational focus across three areas – business and operational performance; compliance; and being future-focused. Being future-focused must be an organisation’s main agenda in order to embed a new transformative culture, and to pivot towards making businesses more efficient to achieve a new measure of success.
  • Building for scale and resilience – adopting technology, cloudification, smart solutions, business analytics with AI and machine learning, and stronger cybersecurity is key for business growth and sustainability.
  • Partnerships – offer a unique opportunity for collaboration across ecosystems and cultures. By combining competencies and different perspectives, companies can quickly create innovative solutions that would otherwise be challenging to develop. Embracing partnerships allows companies to tap into new ideas for growth, and create value in a way that wouldn’t have been possible without collaboration.
  • ESG – embracing sustainability includes forward-looking value creation that enriches mid- to long- term value for communities, businesses and the Government. Tapping into resource-efficient solutions will also bring about differentiated user and consumer experiences.
  • Talent management –  in becoming future-focused, managing talent is key with greater emphasis on talent reskilling, upskilling, retention and effective recruitment. Improving talent management also includes adopting agile practices and digital workspaces, embracing a digital-first mindset that sets organisations apart.

“It is clear that taking advantage of technologies, coupled with strong partnerships will help build a more resilient and responsive ecosystem.” Shazurawati Abd Karim – Executive Vice President at TM One

TM ONE is your trusted partner in enabling your next advantage today and tomorrow by harnessing the power of human centered technology and innovation. We provide secure and robust fit-for-purpose business solutions to enterprises and the Government from across diverse industries, from banking to retail, oil & gas and energy, logistics, education, healthcare and many more.

We understand that every organisation has different needs and goals, with different business models, systems and operational landscapes.

Our end-to-end managed services and vertical solutions built across our pillars of connectivity solutions, data centres, cloud, cybersecurity and smart services which leverage the latest technologies empowers organisations to harness the power of big data and IR 4.0.

Together with our professional services teams across Malaysia and Indonesia, TM One offers value-based innovative solutions to businesses in line with TM’s role as the enabler of progressive innovative transformation.

TM One’s 5G Sphere, our circle of local and global smart solutions and technology partners, will also enable the next phase of enterprise innovation and transformation, harnessing 5G capabilities.

TM One’s 5G Sphere offers the opportunity for enterprises to springboard and accelerate their transformation, offering bespoke solution ideation and implementation to drive and generate positive business outcomes that address the unique needs of diverse businesses.

Register for your next advantage now at: Your Next is Now.

This article was first published in Reuters Breakingview 2023

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