How A Hyperconnected Ecosystem POWERED BY 5G Enriches Lives

24 October 2019

Smart cities, made possible by TM One’s Hyperconnected Ecosystem, is set to revolutionise and positively change the lives of Malaysians. With TM One 5G, we are taking smart cities to the next level, accelerating the transformation of Malaysia into a digital nation, by emphasising the needs of businesses and communities in our smart city solutions.

TM One works with state and local governments in a long-term partnership, prioritising the right solutions based on the needs of the community. Progressively, we build upon the insights to roll out more smart solutions as we grow towards a fully integrated smart city.

Enriching lives in SS15 Subang Jaya

In SS15 Subang Jaya, TM One works with Majlis Perbandaran Subang Jaya (MPSJ) to enrich the community’s lives with TM One 5G and Smart Services, by bringing the 5G experience through smart services to the people there, enabling MPSJ to realise its vision for the area to become a Vibrant City by 2030.

Top Community Challenges

Uncontrolled parking issues within commercial area causing congestion and uncollected parking fees.

Traffic congestion resulting from heavy flow and inefficient traffic management.

Safety and security problems due to lack of monitoring abilities.

Highly discerning customers in a tough and competitive retail environment posing challenges to business owners.

Wastage due to inaccurate water meter reading and inability to track pipe leakages

Actionable insights. Elevated experience. Made Possible by TM One 5G

Smart Parking

  • Make searching and paying for open parking space more convenient to reduce the hours wasted and to ease congestion in busy areas.
  • Eases enforcement officers with real time overview of parking conditions

Smart Shoppers

  • Understand customer’s movement and emotions with the retail footfall analytics tool.
  • Use real-time customer data for better advertising strategy, brand loyalty programs and counters/space optimisation.

Smart Traffic Lights

Alleviate traffic congestion with a smart traffic light system powered by IoT, AI, and 5G that automatically adapts to traffic conditions for smoother commuting journey

Smart Surveillance

Ensure safety of the people especially at crime-prone area with high-definition security cameras, powered by IoT, AI, and 5G.

Smart Water Management

Collect and analyse data from water meters to monitor usage and water quality, leading to reduction in water leakage and wastage

These smart solutions are expected to benefit

  • Majlis Perbandaran Subang Jaya as the City Manager and Enforcer
  • Business owners in the commercial area
  • Residents and communities in Subang Jaya

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