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6 April 2023
The Smart Farming Revolution: Leveraging Technology to Overcome Agricultural Challenges

The agriculture industry faces a variety of challenges such as climate change, low agriculture productivity and yield, high operating cost, and health hazards to farmers. […]

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29 November 2022
Powering Smart Agriculture with Internet of Things

In the digital age and Industrial Revolution 4.0, the agriculture sector is undergoing a massive change by leveraging on digital technologies, especially the Internet of […]

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7 January 2020
How fintech is disrupting agriculture in Indonesia

Connecting farmers for a better supply chain. Despite the productivity gains made in recent years, farming in Indonesia is still a tough line of business […]

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10 August 2018
IoT blooms in Malaysian agro-sector

MIMOS, Malaysia‚Äôs leading government technology provider, is developing a regional Internet of Things (IoT) hub for agriculture to deliver better yields and lower costs for […]

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